Sunday, August 25, 2013

Welcome Aboard "Nosey the Patchwork Giraffe" August 2013  getting ready for printing, between September 2013 and October 2013
An orphaned, well cared for giraffe gets an unexpected change in life.
This book joins my other copyrighted stories in the works as follows:
in miniature image fronts.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thumb's Up strikes again

Easter was here.  A little statue of the Thumb's Up Award was made for a baby boy for his first Easter:

I was proud to make a Grandmother happy to give this one of a kind gift to her new grandson.

Toilet Paper Rolls...Your First Roll

Now the samples can be seen.  Many gifts of these rolls to date have made many people smile.  It was because of our 3rd son's wedding rehearsal, that I knew I had to come up with a gag but a keepsake gift as well.  So "Your First Roll as Mr & Mrs" was born. That is how my designs became copyrighted.
Then it became apparent that this idea was good for any occasion.  Sort of a blank canvas for even a Get Well wish.  With the right formulation of  witty words, it would strike a chord and bring about chuckles.  Mission Accomplished.  See the web page at
Enjoy the slide show.  I will add more and more as I keep at it.
Thanks for visiting. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Web Page at last

Well, well, well.  I finally got the gumption up to go ahead and try to create a web page!  See it all at
Thank you for coming into my head and heart.
Visit Often...Updates happen weekly

Tucker visits Grandchildren everywhere

This is building a future memory for this young grandson.  This really warms the chambers of my heart.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ectomy of the Appendage to me

There it is!  It's gotta go!
Saw you in September...You sawed me, and stapled me and needled and threaded me.  Oh the wonder of those small navigating tools.
No more big long scars!
Now one Happy Gal left the surgical room without said appendix
 and now free
of throbbing pain.
Thank you Dr. Moore
For your Surgical Skills
and my wonderful outcome
I Thank you!
Enjoy your Award

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bright Eyes in demand first?

Oh, Bright Eyes!   Is it possible to do illustrations and format 2 books at the same time?   The crunch is here.  A little gal is awaiting Bright Eyes  the Too Tall Cupcake story before December.
A gnawing appendix is due to be removed, I need to set a duo goal for duo release of two stories.   I heard on a tv talk show that Sly Stalone had a few desks that he would sit at one by one and write those stories independent of one another in varying degrees of completion.   That I have done.  But it's the ILLUSTRATIONS that are the time consuming components for all that need to be pulled out of my mind's eye onto the drawing sheets.

For this, I must be as slick as a Donald Trump Employee and get it done.  Page by page, the story will be portrayed by matching creative scenes.  Now, get that mind open, gather the story, and just get 'er done!   See?  A writer has to get tough with him or herself...and rile of the hooves of progress!
This horse is going to sleep on it and start anew in the morning.